Creating the standards.

Accelerating the sustainable energy marketplace.

Through an innovative credit review and underwriting process, investors and developers gain an understanding of the economic opportunities of third-party financed solar projects.  We have streamlined the approach to a very fragmented market. It is our goal to provide transparency, in-depth support while maximizing  net profit for all parties involved.

CI LABS Eco-System

Custom Sustainable Energy Solutions

A Benchmark for Development

Converts C&I projects into bankable assets with long-term cashflow

A Catalyst for Simplicity

Intelligently automates underwriting, credit review and transaction structure

A Way to grow your bottom line

Serves as both due diligence and benchmark, vetting projects, removing barriers, and providing standards by which you can monetize


CI Labs is a credit underwriting firm for the commercial and industrial solar industry.

Who We Are

Our team consists of experts in the solar industry that cover development, construction, finance and legal with over 30 years combined experience. We take a pragmatic approach to reviewing a potential project. Our experience allows us to assist in all aspects of development through construction. Our business model is based on closing transactions that have been thoroughly vetted to provide low risk predictable returns.

What We Do

We focus on transactional efficiency through meticulously dissecting each phase of a project which assists in keeping our costs and time lower than standard industry averages. We work towards a common goal of a successful project where everyone benefits.

Who Benefits

Commercial and Industrial facilities seeking to reduce electricity costs but do not have the capital or the expertise to initiate

Developers seeking to grow their business with access to capital to fund third party financed C&I projects.

Investors, Banks, family Offices seeking to evaluate credit risks of a project while maximizing return thresholds through structure and management of capital.


CI Labs solutions enable industry participants the opportunity to focus on growing their business while we do the diligence work that can often consume your time.

The Opportunity

The energy industry can be challenging to understand, evaluate, and access. Its complexity and fragmentation can pose obstacles to participation, especially in financing. CI Labs deploys an innovative process to help remove these barriers to entry and accelerate growth of the industry. We educate all parties, providing them with an objective understanding of their unique opportunity in the current ecosystem. CI Labs sources, rates, and develops projects by evaluating the needs and automating the management of the transactions.

Securing a predictable source of attractively priced capital helps developers grow their business by facilitating management and service of leads, obtaining new vetted clients, and attractive financing to build systems; and provides investors with the information to evaluate and structure transactions that enable maximum returns.


CI Labs is integrating its services through its platform while focused on assisting its partners to increase profitability.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our analytics, modeling, and expertise, help our partners independently evaluate their opportunities.

CI Labs Enables:

Underwriting that provides both an early check and understanding of the project risks. Our process while automated is extremely thorough and trusted.

Partners can grow their bottom line by confidently going after projects in a fragmented market. The C&I industry is less competitive then both residential and utility scale solar while the returns are typically higher.

Investors access a proven concept to grow their asset base while implementing the standards necessary to have a profitable exit strategy.

CI Labs Ecosystem:

  • Comprehensive Underwriting Report
  • Independent Engineering Report
  • Full set of transactional and legal Docs
  • Financial Modeling
  • Attestation Certification
  • Tax Opinion Letter

Automated Process

CI Labs identifies, qualifies, and develops opportunities in the energy industry.

Step 01

Evaluate Project Economics

Determine what economics a project can afford.

Step 02

Review Credit Risks

Understand if the off-taker of power is a good financial history and will be around for the term of the power contract.

Step 03

Understand the Transaction

Vetting all possible structures, tax equity, sponsor and debt commitments ensures every project is producing at its fullest capability.

Step 04

Manage the Process

CI Labs provides all transaction documents to develop the project, and manages the underwriting process through project construction.